Wedding Songs

Evan Brau

Enchanting, passionate and uplifting songs about life and love.

"A vocal quality like that of the late Jeff Buckley...better listen closer." - No Cover Magazine

"Evan has a remarkable voice that dances on each tune, never missing it's mark." - Modern Fix Magazine

"Wedding Songs" is a very special body of work. It defines the meaning of true expression with its personalized approach to songwriting, while highlighting the passion and talent of Evan Brau. Evan has honed his talent from a young age. At the University of California Santa Barbara, Evan sang as a tenor in the prestigious Collegiate Chorale, which was instrumental in developing his voice. Evan's band, Munkafust, has performed with the likes of Rod Stewart and Train. More recently he has done studio sessions with songwriting great Dianne Warren. After writing five albums of music for Munkafust and receiving multiple awards from ASCAP's popular awards panel, Evan finally decided that it was time to try his hand at a solo record. "Wedding Songs" is truly a SOLO record, since Evan played virtually all the instruments and sang all the vocal parts himself. Initially, the dilemma for Evan was what to put on the album. Then it dawned on him that many of his unreleased songs had been written as gifts for his friends who were to be wed, or more intimately for his own bride. Evan has included in the liner notes a brief description of why and how each song was written and where it was performed for the first time. These words, written by Evan himself, paint a vivid picture of his intentions for each song, bringing the listener into his world of personal artistic expression and inspiration.
"Wedding Songs" is a must have for anyone who is intimate with another person. It is the perfect music to enhance occasions celebrating love, romance, and passion for life.

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